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A Day in Court

This past Friday was supposed to be another milestone passed on this new life path without one of my children. myself, my family, and a contingent of supporters should have sat in the courtroom watching Evelyn’s Killer get sentenced to prison for his crime. Finally, he was supposed to be...

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Be a Man

The defendant in the caseĀ  is attempting to fire his public defender and withdrawal his guilty plea. What this means: The judge with either: Grant his motion and give him a 60 day continuance and not impose sentencing on Friday. OR Reject his motion and impose sentencing as scheduled. I...


Justice for Evelyn Courtney

On Friday, we laid Evelyn to rest in Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery. It was a peaceful and beautiful day, surrounded by family. Evelyn has a nice view of the San Diego skyline, the harbor, North Island Naval Air Station, and the Pacific Ocean. Evelyn shouldn’t be there, but she is....