Happy Birthday Evelyn


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  1. Nikki says:

    Happy Birthday, Evelyn. Love to you & yours, Wade. We will never forget.

  2. Robin Reid says:

    Wade, I think of you and your loss often. I am touched by your sharing here, and please know that I understand and care. – Robin

  3. john federer says:

    Don’t give up hope! you are a great source of encouragement for me as you have worked through this time of your life. I love you my brother and always will.

  4. Happy Birthday Evelyn! It is hard as a parent to lose a child. No matter how old they are or even if they took a breath…they are our children. Wade…your heart is big my friend and even though you play it tough sometimes…it shows. In your love for Evelyn and the rest of your beautiful family…it shows! I wish it could be different for any of us that have lost our children but we all know what wishes will get you so we carry on and hold all of them close to our hearts. I think of your entire family today and hope for happiness, remembrance and love for you all.

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